Thursday, July 10, 2008

DW's Amenti

I finally found my Dreamworld foundation match in Amenti.
In the photos I am only wearing DW Amenti in Luna and MAC tinted lip conditioner. Nothing else :-)

Amenti With Flash

Amenti Without Flash

I prefer the Luna formula for my oily skin and this time I can go and get my Giant (3 oz jar) sized jar. Better get the biggest one so I can stock up and save on shipping. Coverage is medium to heavy for me with no need for a concealer. Finish is not too matte that it looks flat. Definitely one of my HG's now. I also like Dw's Creme Toppings in the clay/silica formula. Works great with my oily skin and I don't breakout from them.

I'm so happy I found my match!

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