Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Surgical Mission & Another Zoo

Last Sunday we were in Tagaytay for the 2nd time in a week. Went with hubby for the hospital's Surgical Mission at the SVD compound. There were more than 200 kids who signed up for the Tuli (circumcision) mission.
I won't post photos of the mission because some people might find it too graphic unless you're used to such things but I posted them in my Multiply blog.


Tinted matte sunblock SPF 15 custom made by my derm for me
No primer
Joppa full coverage foundation Medium #3
Joppa finishing silk in Medium first then Rosey as a final finish
EDM All Smiles blush
Aromaleigh Nectarine Coquille powder
Lumiere Bare Skin Silk Radiance on cheeks
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush l/g in Oatstanding
-(love this esp. the smell--- like Oatmeal cookies, too bad this has been d/c)

Made our "escape" at a quarter to 1 pm because we were so hungry by then. We had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's. It was our 2nd time to eat here and the food is really good. As usual, we had to wait for a table because there were so many people waiting for their turn to get one even if the prices were a bit expensive.

Located at Mendez, Cavite, we had a difficult time locating this place. There were no signs indicating where to go and we just asked locals along the way. After 30 mins to an hour, we got there at last.We had a guide for the whole tour lasting for an hour at least. We toured the areas of different animals, the flower garden, vegetable garden, orchidarium/snack bar, fishing pond, butterfly farm, honey bee farm, camping site. Hubby and Nicole fed the camels. Hubby and I also tried our hand in milking goats. So easy! Organic vegetables can be bought at the zoo. Also available for sale were goats, pigs and other dairy products.By the end of the tour we were so tired and sweaty (the sun was scorching hot) that their mango juice felt so refreshing.

Good thing my Joppa foundation held up really well even without a primer and with me looking like a wet rag after.

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