Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Remember I posted before about my Cory order that I didn't receive? After a hard time trying to email Cory she finally replied that she sent me a replacement package which I got a few weeks ago via Priority Mail.

I tested my samples today and I was floored by her minerals. The foundation was really creamy and only very few grains were needed to do a full face. It gave a medium to heavy finish with a matte look which I prefer. Yes, it was matte but creamy and there was no powdery or chalky look nor feel to it and no cakiness. It felt so light on and I just used 1 layer when I tested it unlike my usual 2 layers. No primer or finishing powder when I tested them too. Even without a primer on, the foundation felt smooth on the face.

I got Fawn Cream, Absolute Cream and Beyond Cream foundations but swatched only the latter 2:

Absolute Cream on top and Beyond Cream below.

My face and chest matched Beyond Cream perfectly since my neck is a tad darker (I'm trying to work on that by lightening it with whitening lotion to match my face). I applied the foundation dry with Lumiere's LHK. I didn't even spritz toner to set. It looks a bit light for me in the photos but it matches well IRL (must be the flash).

I haven't tested it for a whole day yet but I will soon. Hmm...looks like HG material for me and a full size jar of 1 oz is only $12.99.

Eyeshadow swatches:
I got Cory's Mica-free Matte Shadows because I don't have any matte shadows.

Top to bottom:
Smoked- a deep charcoal grey shade
Dash - a glorious deep pink nude shade
Dimm - a beautiful true taupe color
Fever - a mid matte coral color

I've always had a problem doing swatches before because: 1: the shadows I pick are always sheer; 2: I swatch them lightly.

With these 4 (yeah, I only chose 4 shades d'uh!) I was very surprised that I had no trouble doing swatches. As you can see they are very pigmented with a light swipe on the arm and I swatched all these DRY. These pigments show up really well in the photo even with flash!
I'm sure that teeny tiny sample baggie would last long because I won't be needing too much minerals for it to show up on my eye.

Because of these, I'm wanting more Cory shadows and probably blushes too! Oh Noooooo!!!!

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