Sunday, December 2, 2007

Saturday Night Out

DH and I went to his induction as a Diplomate of The Philippine Board of Surgery. It was held at the EDSA Sangri-la Hotel so I took my sweet time getting ready.
FOTN (face of the night):

Pure Luxe Cream eraser as Primer
Ocean Mist Foundation in Sandstone (3 layers)
Aromaleigh Pure Concealer in # 5
Silk Naturals Perfecting Powder
Ocean Mist Saffron concealer under eyes
Aromaleigh Coquille powder in Nectarine
Blush: Lumiere Hibiscus
Dayna's Glow powder in Golden Zephyr on nose bridge
a palette mix of BE Rose Radiance, Lumiere Natural Radiance and Dayna's Peach Glow on top of blush, and T-zone
Lips: Aromaleigh listick in Cognac
UDPP Primer Potion
Silk Naturals Unblush all over lid as base
Meow Ideal Eyes Breakfast at Kitty's from lashline to crease
Meow Ideal Eyes You Had Me at Meow on crease
Meow Ideal Eyes Catablanca on outer V
Dayna's Glow powder in Golden Zephyr as highlight on brow bone
MAD's Magnetism indelible gelliner on upper and lower lashline and brows
lashes curled, no mascara
My hair:I put it into a twisted ponytail. This looks complicated but it really isn't. I used a tool to do this. You put your hair in a loose ponytail first then insert the stick with a loop at the end in the middle of the ponytail near your scalp. The loose end of your hair is inserted into the loop and you just pull it out until the hair twists...and that's it!

Here's a shot of my shoe (which I really love):

It's by VNC ( I think it's a Malaysian brand) and they ake really soft and comfortable shoes even if they're high heels. You can run in them and your feet won't hurt. Plus it's not that expensive, too.
Nail polish is China Glaze in Melbourne Mauve. I also put on some Palmer's Leg Gloss.
We had a great night and the food was good.

**I'm proud of you DH!

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