Friday, December 28, 2007

Discovery Day

Went out today to the Science and Discovery Center with my daughter and hubby. It just opened this October and a blog I read showed wonderful pictures of the place. The reviews I read also said it was really similar to the one in Singapore (although I wouldn't know since I haven't been there).


Monistat anti-chafing gel as primer
Monave concealer-foundation in Saturnina
Silk Naturals Dait Bait
Cheeks:Silk Naturals Climax blush
Silk Naturals Heavenly glow powder on cheekbones
Dayna Golden Zephyr glow powder on nosebridge

Lips: Aromaleigh lipstick in Honey


UDPP as primer
Silk Naturals Unblush all over lid
PureLuxe Chocolate Cherries from lashline to crease
Dayna Golden Zephyr glow powder on browbone as highlight

I have a few more photos for FOTD but I don't know why they look blurred when I double checked them. Also, Monave foundation makes my face look so white in pictures! I look like a ghost or rather like someone who got the wrong foundation shade. Saturnina IRL looks perfect on my skintone - it even matches my neck to make my face (which is a tad lighter ) blend in with my neck's color. Grrr! I must remember not to use it when I know I'll be taking pics. It, however, has very good coverage that I don't even need any concealer.


We did have fun especially in the Planetarium. Last time I went to one was in a field trip way back in grade school in our old Planetarium. This new one had a 30 minute show narrated by Harrison Ford. My daughter loved it but got cold (like me) because the air conditioning was on full blast. While going around the center, she got scared by the robots display and almost cried and pleaded to go home. Good thing we talked her out of it since we were waiting for our turn at the Planetarium.

After having our fill of the sciences we went around the Mall of Asia. I've been here a number of times but I still haven't seen the whole mall because it is the 3rd biggest mall in the world (check the link). I said I was on a no buy but:

I can't help myself (especially since hubby was with me and it was okay with him ha ha).
Sue, I got myself a shampoo bar! I got Ultimate Shine plus a slice of Honey I Washed the Kids which my daughter liked. She carried the Lush bag with her after I paid for it.

I also got a Palladio brow fix stick and a few other stuff (the Barbie toothbrush is my daughter's).

**I used the Lush stuff today. I like the shampoo lathered really well with just a few touches of the bar. The soap slice smells heavenly!

This also came in yesterday:

And these:

The liner is the Charm pink bent taklon liner. It's Sophie's products (she owns The Mineral Makeup Blog, Beautynomics, and a few other blogs). The pigments are Monave Sultries in Blizzard, Sahara, Mirage, Ivy and Envy. The other 3 are Moondance, Mermaid and Light Plum but I'm not sure from which collection. Thanks dear!

Weee! Lots more minerals to play with.

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