Monday, April 26, 2010

Skin Within

Last Saturday I was able to visit my dermatologist after almost 3 months.  My skin was at it's worst, breakouts on my forehead, chin and nose due to the scorching heat we are currently having.  I was able to have my underarm IPL maintenance and my much needed glycolic and diamond peels.   Aah, that felt so good!

She and my mom were discussing sunblocks and other stuff mom needed for her skin when we were introduced to the new generation of sunblocks: Skin Within.

Since my mom has a few spider veins on her face, she was recommended to use this.  It's a pure Physical Sunblock that is tinted and not only offers high SPF but REPAIRS the skin by reducing facial spider veins and rosacea, lighten pigmentation and reduce wrinkles at a Molecular level.

I also got myself a bottle because my other facial sunblocks are almost finished.  And with me getting older and nearing my 40's in 2-3 years (yikes!), I needed all the help I can get.  Can't wait to try it out.

You can check their website HERE for full range of products, information and pricing.  Products are available only from reputable dermatologists.

*photo from Skin Within website as I haven't loaded my own photo.

I asked her about the amount of sunblock we are supposed to use per body part, i.e.: half tsp. on face, etc.  Well, she said that's not really true because that only applies to sunblocks with an SPF of 15 and below. Those SPF 20 and above you can use less because your face (and body) will turn white because they are made much thicker.  

I guess what I am doing is just right.  I never followed that rule because it would be a waste of too much product.  Not to mention expensive too if you go through a 1 oz. bottle of SPF 40 and above in less than 2 weeks.  I can see the results anyway: my face doesn't get burned. 

I computed this sunblock containing 50ml of product good for 2-3 months of use according to their website.  That's around 0.5 ml per use on the face and neck for 90 days.  That's not even 1 ml. (a half tsp. is 2.5ml.).

I rest my case.

Edit to add:
I've tried the sunblock for the past 2 days and that 0.5ml is too little.  Adjust to your needs or how much you think is needed to cover your face. I used around 1ml to 1/4 tsp I think for my face and neck.


Shen said...

i like that this product has other benefits. :) how cool! must ask my derma about this, too!!

Anonymous said...

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