Saturday, October 24, 2009

NP Organizer

I was finally able to get myself back to Saizen-Daiso a few weeks ago and buy a few containers for my nail polishes. I had the collapsible non-sturdy one before and it was difficult to move it around. I got a few with just the right size and even if the color is majorly fugly there was no other color available with this size. I bought extra baskets too coz of my nail polish haul coming soon (*evil grin*).

I also got other items as well and smaller baskets for my make-up cabinet. Now I can say I have organized them better. I have easy access to everything I need so all I have to do now is USE THEM!


I really love the Saizen store. They have new products everytime I go there which isn't often. You just have to choose wisely because some are not worth the Php 85 price tag.

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