Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celeteque Weeks 4 and 5

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Celeteque Advance True Results Challenge Weeks 4 and 5:


week 4

week 5:

(Hid the mint julep masque covering a zit on my nose with a teddy bear on the last photo).

Still no changes on the fine lines underneath my eyes. I am not keeping my hopes up for week 6 so this is definitely not working for me in terms of fine lines. Good thing I got this bottle for 50% off!

And one more important thing I'd like to share. On the latter part of Week 3 I noticed small breakouts on my forehead. This continued everyday so I stopped applying the moisturizer just on my forehead thinking it might be the cause. Lo and behold my forehead cleared up after a few days.

My face also was not at it's best half the time I put on the moisturizer. Seems like I had a delayed reaction to it. On weeks 3 and 4 I also started getting breakouts on my nose, chin and face when I had been breakout free or have zits like once a week or 2. This time it was everywhere I put the moisturizer! I stopped applying it on my whole face EXCEPT for the undereye area for the challenge.

Now, going on week 6 my face is clear again when I went back to my regular moisturizers (Olay and Avon). I just use Celeteque Advance on my neck at night and under eye area 2x a day. Once the 6 weeks are up I am going back to my regular Avon eye cream and just finish up Celeteque on my neck.

I am really disappointed. To think this is a hypoallergenic brand and supposed to be safe for sensitive skin. NOT!

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