Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MM Gel Liner in Cocoa

I know other blogs have posted on this but I only recently tried it out. This is the Makeup Masala Gel Liner in Cocoa. This is my first brown gel liner so I can't compare it with other products although I do have other shades of the Indelible Gel Liners. I got it from the Makeup Mix Shop (click on my sidebar to shop).

It's 3 grams in weight housed in a glass jar with black cap. Consistency is very smooth, no tugging when applying. In the jar, you can easily get the gel with an eye liner brush (I use an angled liner brush) since it isn't hard. I like the brown shade. Black shades make my eyes look too strong or harsh.

The gel dries in a few minutes. It doesn't say if it's waterproof but it has very good staying power. On my arm I had difficulty removing it with soap and water and my Mandom Cleanser. It also didn't smudge when I tried to.

swatched on my arm:

with water:


On my eye lids, though, it's a different story. I have oily lids so I used a primer (UDPP). The gel liner did stay very long without flaking off or fading but after more than 5 hours I could see transfer of the brown line on my upper eyelid. However, the line itself was still there on my lashline and not faded. Maybe I should have put on a dusting of finishing powder on top of it. Anyway, at least it does stay on. I just have to experiment more on how not to make it transfer on my upper eyelid.

Fast forward a few more weeks --

I've tried it a few more times and even applied finishing powder on top of it. Still there were serious transfer issues to my upper eyelid! Anybody know what I should do? This doesn't happen when I use my other gel liners (Indelible ones).

I'm sure for those with dry to normal or combination skin this gel liner would stay on all day without problems. It's my eyelids that have a problem-- even with UDPP, Artdeco or any other primer my shadow still creases so I have to pile on primers. I'm that oily, ugh! I'll still continue to use it coz this is my only brown liner.

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