Friday, November 23, 2007

So Many Sales

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US neighbors!!!

My goodness. There are just so many sales right now with different mmu companies that I ended up ordering from them when I'm supposed to be on a no-buy.

Really, I swear not to buy anymore mmu for now until the new year comes since I'm so broke at the moment. Mineral makeup, no matter how very little you use, is soooo addicting that you end up wanting more and MORE!

I just ordered from the following companies:

1. The She Space: Mystic LE lipgloss, samples of eyeshadows- Ghostly Story, Off Balance, Kiss the Frogs, Gothic Glamour, Rockin Egyptian ( I don't think I could finish off full sizes if I ordered the Quads so I just got the samples but all of them x2 baggies each)

*** Free Shipping Int'l

2. UGloGirl - I got full sizes of Hide N' Glo Concealer in Buttercup and Pressed Mineral Blush in True Love. UGG has expensive international shipping rates and in a previous order of mine, they refunded me for a pressed blush that went out of stock so this was a great deal!

*** Free Int'l Shipping for orders $25 and up - 1 day sale

3. Valerie Beauty - A Liquidation Sale is ongoing. All items are in full sizes and I got: Halo powder, Coquette blush, Red Zapper and Pink Champagne e/s plus a 3 pc Eyebrow stencil set.

4. Cory Cosmetics - Well, this site isn't on sale but I still got myself some samples (at $0.35 a piece). I got 3 foundation shades, 4 mica-free eyeshadows, 3 color correctors, balancer and equalizer.

There are still a lot of companies on sale but I'm just telling myself that there will be other sales *thinking really hard*.

Looks like I am obsessed with concealers at the moment since I've been ordering and sampling concealers from different companies. One of my HG's is Ocean Mist's Saffron Yellow concealer. I just discovered Aromaleigh's #5 Pure Concealer and it is GREAT! Covers all blemishes well. Maybe next year I might order a full size of this.

That's it for my online purchases for now.

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