Tuesday, November 13, 2007

OCM 3rd day

Just an update:

While I was massaging my face last night with the OCM I felt tiny grain-like stuff on my face. On closer look it was the purged dirt or whiteheads/blackheads from my face. Wow! So I massaged more vigorously and a bit longer, haha.

I changed my OCM mix to 60% Castor oil and 40% jojoba oil since it felt a bit thick before. It feels better now with this mixture. This morning I noticed some of my acne scars fading faster than usual. There were lesser blackheads on my nose, too. Again, I haven't broken out. I hope I never will.

Keeping my fingers crossed that this would be my HG cleanser now. However, I use it only at night and my regular Sebamed Face Wash or Mario Badescu Glycolic foaming cleanser in the morning. Twice a day seems a bit much for deep cleansing.

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