Monday, November 12, 2007

Peacock Gelliner & Geminisc Lure

I got my MAD minerals order today! The Peacock gelliner looks so pretty! Here it is:

Excuse the eyebrows. I just hurriedly tried on the gelliner so I didn't bother to put on anything else on my face.This is the first time I've tried a liner this bright but I am excited to wear it once I go out. I am so happy I got this shade. Now I'm thinking what eyeshadow shades would go well with this liner.

I also got Geminisc/Susanna's Lure lipstick shade today. Thanks so much!
Here's a pic of it on me:

It's actually more bright pink than it is on the pic. I'll take a photo in sunlight. This was taken inside my room tonight.

I like the shade,'s brighter than what I usually wear (nudes, sheer shades) but this is a good one. You said the base of the lippie will change but not the color and I think it needs to be a bit more moisturizing. I need to wear a lipbalm underneath it so my lips won't dry out, though. Hope I helped out.

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