Friday, May 28, 2010

Milani Minerals Blush

This is an initial review of my new Milani Blushes.  I won't be reviewing it's wear on me as I haven't tried it long enough.  I don't know exactly how much they cost coz my Mom paid for it (thanks Mom!) and it was bought at Costco in the US.

I got the blushes in Mai-Tai and Luminous (considered to be a Nars Orgasm dupe).  

Luminous, no flash

Mai-Tai, no flash

The packaging could be better coz it feels a bit flimsy.  There's a mirror and brush included at the bottom of the pan.  The brush as usual, can be tossed away.  I don't detect any scent so this is good for those who are sensitive to scented products.

Luminous, L, and Mai-Tai, R, with flash

Here are swatches of both blushes on my arm.  I just swiped them ONCE!  I can't believe how pigmented Mai-Tai is.  They're not chalky either when I swiped them.  Luminous is peachy pink with gold shimmer while Mai-Tai is a darker pink that is soft matte.  I don't think Luminous would show up on me except as a highlight coz I am much darker now from all the swimming I've been doing.  Mai-Tai, on the other hand, showed up beautifully on my cheeks on my initial try.  It was so pretty!

Will show photos next time and a follow-up review.  Will be out of town again this weekend up to next week so expect travel photos again soon.  I am sure I will be nog-nog na by the time I get back.

I haven't worn any foundation for 2-3 months now except for the wedding in a previous post and maybe a few Sundays of going out.  Most of the time it's just my derma's sunblock (Skin Within), a dusting of finishing powder and blush plus lip gloss.  With tanned skin, I don't need the foundation, ha, ha!

See you soon!


Joy Page Manuel said...

Now I'm intrigued with the Luminous one. I like the peachy tone of it and the shimmer might look great now since it's summer here. Gotta check that out next time I go to Costco. Thanks Nikki!

notjustminerals said...

Uy, si Joy, mag mok-ap na din! I'm sure Luminous would show up on you coz you're so much more fairer than me.

Pammy said...

Mai Tai looks really pretty and pigmented. I want! :P I had Luminous but I wasn't so impressed with the pigmentation.

AskMeWhats said...

When I first started to blog, one brand that I've been wanting to try is Milani especially the blush that's supposed to be close to Orgasm :) thanks for sharing these colors and you made me want to try them again