Thursday, May 27, 2010

Break from the Heat - Not!

Last week was the PCS Convention held this year in Tagaytay.  We stayed there for a few days at One Tagaytay Place.  The hotel is fairly new, the rooms clean and the staff very courteous.  Amenities were complete including Wi-Fi access but I did not bring my laptop on purpose.  

The weather was warm but a bit cooler then Manila. Here's a pic of our room.  There's a balcony behind those curtains.  Hot and cold water shower available, daily newspaper and mineral water bottles, LCD TV with cable, mini bar, etc.  Also included were daily buffet breakfast and their food is pretty good.

DD checking out the fridge.  Loved the location of  the hotel coz there's a 7-11 in front.  Hello Slurpee!

We went swimming everyday after breakfast at the 9th floor open-air pool.  Caught DD mid-dive in this photo.  We are all another 2-3 shades darker.

Went the usual route when you're in Tagaytay.  Since we've been going there for I don't know how long, we just brought around DD for the nth time just for something to do as a family.  Here's us at the Picnic Grove on our way to....

... the Zipline!  Loved it.  We went both ways by Zipline of course.

Went the rounds of the restos but since we were sick and tired of Filipino food the medreps brought us too, we separated one lunch and went to Buon Giorno at Cliffhouse.  DD was craving for pasta and so was I.

Dalandan shake, uber yummy!

Hubby's Sausage Risotto.  This was good with the risotto very milky in taste.

DD's Pesto and Mudslide.  The best!

My Spinach Ravioli.

DD loves horse-back riding...

...and touching the horse.

Went to Residence Inn too for the tigers.

Did a lot more stuff and went to lots more places.  Had good food and great company with our colleagues and their families.

Thanks to Cathay Drug and Biomedis and others I don't recall.

It's Cebu next summer for the midyear convention.  See you there!


Joy Page Manuel said...

Room looks nice and comfy! Are there attractions close to the hotel/resort? This would be interesting to check out when we go home in the future to visit.

notjustminerals said...

Joy, hotel is very near Picnic Grove. It's easy to go to the other places naman coz they're all along that one highway in Tagaytay. Go much further and you'll be in Nasugbu, Batangas na.

Ida said...

Omg! Is that a real tiger? That's awesome. Nice to get away from the Manila heat, even for a bit no? Grabe yung init.

notjustminerals said...

Hi Ida! Yes that's a real tiger. Mainit din sa Tagaytay :-(

Noriko said...

Nikki, now i become a member of blogger also. your all pics are so nice. It so much tempted me to go to somewhere warm, and place near the beach.
The pic with Tiger is interesting. you can take the pic with them in such a way... amaging !!

notjustminerals said...

Hi Nory! Miss all your posts on Vox! How are you? I do have a print out of the tiger photos from the zoo. This one was taken with my camera.