Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm still alive...barely.

Hi everyone!  Remember me?

I haven't blogged in ages although I do have a lot of drafts and hauls.  My latest hauls were probably the most major ones in my lifetime :-)

The past month has been uber busy.  My relatives from the US have come and gone.  We had lots of fun during my cousin's (we're more like sisters) wedding (with duty free shopping on the side).  I did my mom and aunt's makeup for that event (oh boy, that was scary for me!).  We went swimming and had non-stop eating.  Good thing I didn't gain weight.  I lost it instead.

At the same time I've also been busy with my little girl since she will be graduating this Saturday.  Another one of my cousins will be getting married in 2 weeks time and she is their flower girl (3rd year in a row, make that 4 years in a row since next year she will be a flower girl again to another cousin's wedding) so we've had fittings for her dress and I had to look for shoes and stockings for her (and shoes for me too).  Plus, I had to look for summer classes for her.  She decided on swimming lessons this summer instead of the golf clinic we intended for her to take.  That's okay though since she has a golf coach year round.

Another thing that kept me busy was our decision to get a new car.  Our old car is around 16 y/o but is still in good condition (after lots of repairs).  We sold it and I went to the bank for a car loan.  Actually it was a spur of the moment thing for me.  In one of my bank errands, I saw a stall in the bank and asked what it was.  They said it was for car loans and I just asked them out of nowhere to give me an assessment.  Low and behold, that same afternoon, they called me up to say I was approved. Duh!  So we just went ahead and did it.  We've been going back and forth for requirements and stuff.  It took a month for our car to be delivered since it wasn't available for the longest time.  It's not a high-end car though since we can't afford that.  Just something within our means.  It got delivered late last night.  Makes me think I won't be hauling anything until after we pay off the car in 4 years!

Something else came up too.  This week I had health problems.  I needed to consult with a pulmonologist because I had trouble breathing.  I even had to go to the ER for nebulization and had a chest X-ray taken.  I am not asthmatic but I seem to have Reactive Airway Disease.  I am now on medication and will follow-up next week.  It is somewhat like asthma but less serious.

Well, for a while there, when my breathing was at it's worst, I really thought I was going to die.  I was even saying "I love you" and "good bye" to my little girl in my mind while she was asleep beside me and I was trying to relax myself so as not to panic in the worse attack 2 days ago. I tried to cure myself initially but I was only temporarily relieved which prompted me to go to the hospital.  Dramatic huh?  It wasn't.  It was scary.

On a positive note, I have lost around 6 lbs in 1.5 months.  Yipee! I am now down to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I initially drank this slimming coffee which my hubby said might be one of the culprits of my difficulty breathing but I don't think so since I stopped it a week ago. This has trained me to eat lesser portions of any meal.  I still eat whatever I want but the lesser portions did wonders.  I really lost weight.  And I haven't exercised in 3 months.  If I did I would have lost more (or maybe not, since exercise makes me eat more).

So there.  Plus some family drama on the side.  I will try to blog when I feel like it.  I uploaded all my new photos though.  I do read blogs on a daily basis but I just don't like to do my own.  It's so damn hot here that it's one of the causes of why I got sick.

PS: Edit to add:
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Anonymous said...

Glad you're doin ok Nikki, also congrats on your new car ! Haven't seen you in a week or so. Anyway, see on Saturday ! :D

notjustminerals said...

Thanks! See you Saturday!

C said...

Glad you're feeling better!
Hindi kaya stress-related din yun?
Oh, what slimming coffee were you taking?

AskMeWhats said...

hey nice to hear from you! I hope you take care of your health and congrats Nikki for the new car!

MereMakeupManiac said...

wow you've been a busy girl indeed! congrats on your girl's graduation! and for the new car!

aww, sorry to hear about your health but i will pray for your recovery sis! He will heal you. :)

gosh, i am envious about losing weight. i need to do that myself -- stat!

if you got spare time sis, i'd appreciate it if you could join my contest and promote it too!

take care always and God Bless! :)

notjustminerals said...

Nikki and Mhean: thanks!

C: hubby says it maybe stress related but I don't think I'm stressed. th e slimming coffee is Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. I finished 1 and a half boxes na.

Ida said...

I know how scary it feels when you can't seem to find or do anything to help you breathe better (I have severe asthma). Going to the ER is a good idea, although it's not exactly a pleasant experience. Glad you are felling better! And that you're back to pre-pregnancy weight, that's one of my goals :)

Crystal Gale said...

I know the feeling when you can't breath properly..that always happen to me when I'm having one of my attacks..I suggest to stop taking any stuff with caffeine for a while (coffee, chocolate, tea, cola) can make your heart beat faster and makes your breathing faster feel like you're panicking but without a reason..breathing in a brown paper bag can help get your breathing back to normal too :)

I hope you get better sis..miss reading your posts! God bless :)