Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sally Hansen Problem Cuticle Remover

There are different kinds of cuticle removers from Sally Hansen. Out of curiosity I chose this one - the Problem Cuticle Remover.

Wrong choice. Why?

Because it doesn't work for me.

I had 3 choices at PCX Power Plant a few months ago and since this was on sale for Php 249 I got it. The other one was the blue one (the best one!) and the gel thingy which was cheaper than this (on sale too). The SA said the gel was better than this but the description didn't fit what I needed.

To use this one you put a thin strip on your cuticles wait a few minutes then massage it in and use the orange stick included to push back the cuticles.

I did as instructed but the cuticles didn't really get that soft. The regular pink cuticle softeners locally available worked better than this one.

I even left it on longer than the 8 mins. needed but there were still some cuticle left that was hard to push back so my cuticle bed looked uneven and not that clean. Now I have to finish this whole friggin' tube as I can't bear to throw out stuff bec. my money would just go to waste.

Next time I'll just stick to those local cuticle removers from Bobbie and brands like that.

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