Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy, busy...

Hi all!

I've been so busy the past couple of weeks that it is only now I am able to open the PC to read and write. Again all my posts have been scheduled posts done so many weeks ago and I think they're until next week. That's if I don't get to add some more.

First off my SIL stayed with us for a week because we lived near the hospital and she was due at anytime. I was on labor watch as she was induced here at home bec. the baby still wouldn't come out. Then we were still on labor watch when she was at the hospital for 2 days. A C-section was done Sunday and hubby and I were in the OR with her (me as the photographer) when our little nephew was born. He is sooo cute! He looked so much like our daughter when she was born except that he's a bit chubbier (of course, he was a big baby that's why a CS was done).

Also, Sunday was hubby's and my anniversary. I felt a bit guilty that we couldn't celebrate that much because we (mostly I) were thinking of our SIL and the unborn baby. I couldn't even think about all the beauty stuff at Rustan's Essences the very short time I was there because my mind was in the hospital.

Not to mention the Christmas parties to be attended. We went to our hospital department's party yesterday in between looking after the baby bec. he was brought in for circumcision at the same time. Another hospital party end of this week to go to.

Plus, my DD and I are sick with the sniffles (DD with cough, too). Haaay. Must be the stress. I still haven't done any shopping for my parents, bro, SIL and our colleagues.

Hopefully I get everything done soon. I have so many posts in draft form but don't have the time to write them down. Maybe after Christmas. Even my crops in Farm Town have died :-(

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