Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stocking Stuffer: My Calgon Discovery

Done with your Christmas shopping yet?

I am, more or less. For hubby, all the kids and important relatives (in-laws, aunts, cousins) on my list I'm done. For my parents and siblings I'm not, as I have no idea what to give them. Also we're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of my baby nephew supposed to be born this weekend! I guess that eclipses any gift giving in mind as we will all have a baby this Christmas.

Anyways, when mom & I went to S&R yesterday after a derma appointment (my monthly glycolic peel, diamond peel and IPL maintenance) we found this:

Calgon gift packs! The tag says SRP is $9.99 but I got it for half the price! My mom and I bought a few boxes to give as presents because it really is a good deal. It contains a lotion, body wash, body splash and bath puff. They also have 3 scents available.

I got one of the gift boxes for my own use so I was able to get photos of the individual products. The bottles can be re-used as they aren't too big and look so pretty with their cylindrical shape.


body wash

body splash

Another one I found is the Calgon bubble bath for less than Php 100 per 8oz. bottle. We bought a lot of bottles to give for Christmas (which is what the other customers were doing also). Of course we got some for personal use since it smelled so good and we've never tried any Calgon product (we're more of a Bath & Body Works and VS fan). The scent is Hawaiian Ginger which smells more like pineapples. Really refreshing scent which "took me away". Bwahahaha!

bubble bath

S&R opened a new area for bath & body, milk and vitamins. They have a whole range of Aveeno products too! I won't have to order my HG which is the Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser since they have it there for only Php 475. They also have the new shampoo and conditioner line, facial moisturisers, bath soaps, body washes and lotions. I was so excited to check them out!

Those looking for Aveeno stuff, try going to S&R since prices won't differ too much if you order them abroad when you factor in the tax and shipping from the US (they're heavy) . I wanted to stock up on the Foaming Cleanser but I still have Ambi and an unopened bottle of Aveeno which lasts at least 6-9 months daily use per bottle for me. Maybe next year when I've got more moolah saved up, then I'll stock up.

I am NOT in any way connected to Aveeno or S&R. I am just a loyal customer :-)

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