Friday, November 6, 2009

McDonald's Coke Glasses

They're out today! Hurray! I aim to collect all 6 of these glasses made by Luminarc for Coca-Cola. You can get them from McDonald's for Php 25 each with any Value Meal order.

I went yesterday to my neighborhood McD's but it wasn't available yet so I told the person behind the counter taking my order that I would buy the next day instead when the glasses are out LOL!

On the way home from picking up my DD from school this morning, we dropped by McD's and got 3 value meals for lunch and 3 glasses. We got Purple, Pink and Charcoal.

Three down, 3 more to go. Next to get are Blue, Lime and Green! I think I'll drown in Value Meals for the next 2 or 3 days. Yes, we do collect McD Happy Meal toys too for DD although we rarely complete them like the Hello Kitty anniversary collectibles.

I am not in any way connected with McDonald's, Coca-Cola or Luminarc. I only like McD's food and I don't even drink any kind of soft drinks (bad for the health!).

Photo taken from Coca-Cola Conversations website. Thanks!

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