Thursday, November 26, 2009

Japanese Hair Fringe Grip

I was feeling so sad this morning because someone I made plans with last week for tomorrow (which I am so excited for) texted me early today. He said he won't be able to go with me bec. he made new plans with his friends. And to think I had the day all planned out for tomorrow :-(

It was such a pleasant surprise when my friend C. sent me an unexpected early Christmas gift thru her dad this morning. It really brightened up my day and I really appreciate the gesture. Thanks so much C.!

I was given not just 1 but 2 sets of this Japanese Fringe Holder. What a coincidence because I was looking at this very same thing yesterday while browsing the web and planning to order it for myself.

Everything's written in Japanese but at least there were photos on how to use it. Each pack contains 2 holders and I got a black and pink set. I think there's another color in blue. It's like a velcro thing to hold back your bangs/hair while doing your makeup or other stuff to your face.

I really like it and it does work as I used it right away. Even if I don't have bangs, it held back my longer hair away from my face. Also there are no clip/barette marks or head band marks left on your hair if you need to go somewhere after. It doesn't hurt and is easy to remove-- exactly like velcro. Let the photos do the talking:

My hair before:

with the fringe holder on my hair

using the black pair

This is available locally and you can get your own set from the website My Beauty Basket for only Php 95.

I'll share this with my mom. Sweet!

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