Monday, November 16, 2009

Eyebrow Coat

On one of my Saizon-Daiso trips I found this on their beauty racks: Eyebrow Coat.

I don't understand most of it since it's written in Japanese. Packaging is c-u-t-e!!!! Looking closely I was surprised to see the brand Ever Bilena at the bottom. I didn't know EB was a Japanese brand. I thought it was a local brand ever since. The product itself is Made in Taiwan though.

The clear liquid is in a frosted bottle like nail polish. The brush is also like those seen in regular polishes, a bit stiff.

It's 6ml and only Php 85 (less than $2). It says to apply a single coat on brows and let dry. Do not touch nor rub beforehand.

I tried it first on my hand, let it dry for a few minutes and touched it. It dried clear and a bit stiff on my hand. I left it for a few hours and it stayed on. I tried rubbing it but it wouldn't budge although it was easily removed by soap and water.

I've used it on my brows carefully avoiding my eyes and skin. No negative reactions on me. I like that it dried a bit stiff so my very unruly eyebrows stayed in place. I didn't mind the stiffness coz that's what I was looking for. I've also used it as a final touch to my other brow gels and my brows looked groomed the whole day.

I am glad I found this on the Saizen shelves for a very cheap price. I hope I find other good stuff there like the Charcoal Mask in which I've heard lots of good feedback.

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