Monday, February 7, 2011

How to?

Got this gray silk dress (Petal Trim Dress) from Warehouse at 50% off last weekend!  I know it was meant for me because it was the last piece in my size and I never go in any Warehouse store ever.  I even thought it won't fit me because it looked small. But it did, so hurray!  This is a 2 piece dress, by the way, since it comes with a detachable full-length gray slip underneath as the dress is a bit sheer.

I am going to wear it to my cousin's wedding this February.  My DD will be a flower angel (no flower girls) for this event which is her 4th time in a row.  She was asked to be a flower girl for the 5th time this coming September for another cousin's wedding.  She'll be a seasoned "red carpet walker" by then, ha ha.  She even surpassed my 3-time flower girl stint when I was her age.    

Now back to the dress.  This picture shows the model with black tights on underneath the dress.  I kinda like the way it looks but the wedding is in the afternoon and black tights don't seem appropriate.  What color shoes should I buy? Since the color is gray, it needs a pop of color to dress it up.  No gold shoes please. Maybe bronze? Or red? Or even purple? I really have no idea.  I couldn't find a nice pair yesterday and the ones I found didn't have my size.  Any suggestions?  Accessories too, please.


laneige couture said...

purple is nice!
u can wear a statement bracelet,something chunky or piled on bangles,ring and studded with your will complete the look =)

lelila said...

diba grey and pink looks nice? navy blue too. hay, nagtry pa ako mag advise, i know nothing about dressing up LOL!

AskMeWhats said...

RED shoes would be great and probably no need for necklace (because of the gorgeous floral round neck patterN) but play up with bangles and bracelets!

notjustminerals said...

Wow, thanks mga sisters! The bangles would surely help. I will raid my mom's jewelry cabinet.

I will see if I find anything nice in red or purple that I can still use again.

Sol: pareho lang tayo, kaya nga naghingi ako ng advice e, he he. Sana nga lang may mahanap akong cheap but nice, comfortable and sturdy shoes. Type ko yung kay Patty pero ang mahal non!

Anonymous said...

Just stack of bracelets will do, either pearl bracelets in multiple strands :D No necklace :D Shoes would look good in pumps, mate gray or gladiator sandals with steady heels :D Goodluck and amazing dress !

notjustminerals said...

Jehann: Thanks! I found bangles in purple and blue in my mom's stash.