Thursday, January 13, 2011

Havaianas 2011 Collection

From Havaianas comes their 2011 collection seen in the video below:

A few years back I was one of the Havaianas fanatics having more than a dozen flip flops of the brand.  Every time a new style would come out I was one of the few who got a pair even as far as Australia and Dubai.  

Now, I still love Havaianas but I can only wear it at home or at the beach.  Since my right ankle had a previous injury I can not walk in ANY kind of flip flop or shoe that doesn't have support (even a little bit).  From almost a dozen or 2, I now have only 1 pair.  I plan on getting another one though when I wear my pair out.

Still, I can't help but drool over the new collection. I'm sure my little girl would love the new kid's designs.  She has gone through 3 pairs of her own. 

Any new designs that caught your fancy?


The Beauty-Addict said...

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Joy Page Manuel said...

I've left Manila when this craze first started so I never understood it. Aren't they just glamorized/decorated flip flops, much like the ordinary ones we wear at home (tsinelas), although I heard they're crazy expensive! So how different are these exactly Nikks? Enlighten me cos I've never actually seen or touched one.

notjustminerals said...

Hi Joy! Well, they aren't supposed to be expensive but you know how everything becomes double (or triple) the price once it enters the Philippine customs. These ones are made in Brazil and are really buttery soft on the feet. They also have lots of chic styles and fun designs to choose from. Good thing there are now local brands that are comparable with it that are much cheaper. And yes they are just "tsinelas" and I'm glad I got over my obsession with them and use them only as house slippers.

LiisK said...

I've never liked flip-flops - the sound they make when they hit the heel - terrible. And the bloody things are very inconvenient to run or walk fast in.

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