Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Woes

Totally not beauty or fashion related post. Just need to get this off my chest.

This isn't about my immediate family but more on my extended family.  I love my family.  We're a big one on my mother's side and are scattered all over the globe.  Recently my Australian relatives came to visit and I met them for the first time and we (my Mom) more or less became their host here. Doesn't it feel so good to take the time and visit and attend a special occasion with cousins, aunts/uncles?  

I feel bad that my uncle's family wouldn't be attending my cousin's wedding this weekend.  There were only a few close relatives invited and so are expected to attend.  It would be out of town but we are all excited to go and bond with one another.  But not them.  Reason is that it's too far, they're busy, etc.  My mom even offered them a ride on the way there.  That uncle is my mom's brother.

What ticks me off, and I'm guessing I'm the only one bothered by it, is that the invites were given months ago so everyone would be prepared.  And my " sama ng loob" didn't start here.  They have an only daughter a few years my junior and it's too bad that they live far away but within the same city as ours so they couldn't be easily accessible as my other cousins/ relatives.

My cousin did not attend my wedding years ago.  She was supposed to have a part in it so I delegated it to someone else.  She didn't go to my daughter's baptism.  I can't remember if they were there at my DD's 1st birthday party coz the whole set of pictures are missing.

She didn't attend my brother's wedding. Their whole family didn't attend my nephew's baptism AND 1st birthday party last year. They were the only ones invited on my mom's side of the family for the birthday party and they didn't show up.  And now my close cousin's wedding this weekend.

The funny thing is that my mom's sister and my cousin who live in the US would go out of their way to go to Manila and attend my and my brother's weddings and be part of the entourage while the rest of the family who live in the same city wouldn't even bother to attend.  Even my mom's other sister's family who live in New Zealand (they are safe there now and far from Christchurch, thank God) tried to attend our weddings and arrange their schedules.  The operative word is "tried".  At least they made an effort.

And this cousin will be getting married this September and has asked me if my daughter could be her flower girl! Heeeelllloooo???? She chose a weekday afternoon for her wedding but no other details yet.  I told her that my daughter would be in grade school by then and I would not let her be absent just for a wedding. Now I am contemplating on not attending.  I am sure that would make her feel bad.  And sama ko ba?  

My mom and my hubby know all these things I am feeling.  So there.  Bahala na sila sa buhay nila.


Anonymous said...

Well ... there are ALWAYS ... ALWAYS people like that :D A taste of their own medicine perhaps ?

notjustminerals said...

So true! I am thinking that way Jehann :-)