Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hi all!  Just an update from little ole' me. 

These past few weeks have been difficult for me especially because of so many things going on in my life that blogging is far away from my mind right now. (I'd rather go on Facebook and play, ha!).  A few weeks ago my dad had an accident and he's on his way to full recovery now (but going back to his old ways which stresses me out everyday).  My little girl had her first mastery test in school which we had to study for (in which she passed with flying colors!) at the same time my dad was in the hospital.  

Aside from that we had a scare in which our house almost caught on fire due to some faulty wiring.  And me + fire = major trauma/panic/sleepless nights on end.

Oh and must I mention that I am on bed rest because of tendinitis on my right ankle since this weekend.  I had an X-ray done last Monday showing that I had an old fracture from a bad fall almost 2 years ago but the current thing isn't related. So there, I can't walk much right now.

I also had major trouble with my DSL connection for almost 2 weeks that PLDT changed everything: the modem, the lines, the jacks, filters, etc (all for free, hurray!).  Interspersed with that were computer problems- the main PC was reformatted that all photos, files, movies and I mean everything was lost and could not be recovered, *sniff, sniff*.  Good thing I was able to burn the photos just a day or 2 before the PC conked out.  Been using my netbook for a few months and now I can use my "new" LCD monitor which I was able to use for less than a week months ago before the PC shutdown.

I don't have any major hauls really because I don't experiment with any cosmetics the past few months.  So many of my new stuff are still left unopened that I am thinking of just selling them.  I will once I get to put up photos.  Been busy also trying to fix my online store since my US loot for selling has arrived 2 weeks ago and they're just sitting here still in the balikbayan box. I need to recoup my investment coz that was a lot of moolah for me.  

On the good side, my annual blood chem. exams came back normal the second time.  The first one a month ago showed high cholesterol which I really doubted since I lost weight since the 2nd quarter of this year.  Anyway, hubby and I  (well, more of him since I do eat sensibly) changed our eating habits hence the normal results last weekend. We'll just continue on with good eating habits.

So that rounds up my not-so-boring life.  Will post when I post.  

Thanks for reading!


Joy Page Manuel said...

happy to hear that you survived your not-so-boring week...and glad you're back :-)

Pammy said...

I'm glad to hear that you surpassed all those challenges and everything went well for you and your family. :)

AskMeWhats said...

Oh gosh! thank you Lord nothing bad happened! I'm glad you're safe! Keep safe sis and I hope the trauma will slowly go away, it takes time, take things slow..

justltee said...

Nikki - I'm so sorry to hear about your Father's accident. I hope that he recovers fully.

As for your daughter - Yay for her!

Take care!