Friday, August 13, 2010

Dashing Diva Iron Foundation and Flash Drip Dry

Aside from nail polishes, I am "obsessed" with nail treatments.

A couple of treatments I recently tried were from Dashing Diva. Although I haven't tried their services, I can say that I like their products.  I bought Flash Drip Dry and Iron Foundation a couple of months ago for Php 375 per bottle of 0.5 fl.oz..

What is Iron Foundation?

I vary my use for this.  Sometimes I use it every other day or 1-2x a week especially if I top it with nail polish.  I apply thin coats or else it would take a bit long to dry (long for me is around 10 mins.).  This definitely has strengthened my nails in the 4-5 weeks I've used it that they have stopped peeling.  I am so happy *dance of joy*!  My bottle is down to around 1/4 full and has thickened (a thinner can take care of it) but I still continuously use it.  

I think this has worked so much better for my nails compared to the other nail treatments I've used.  Cutex Mighty Nail Strengthener didn't do anything for my nails. OPI Matte Nail Envy turned my nails yellow and didn't really stop the peeling. Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein also didn't stop the nail peeling (although it is a good basecoat for polish).  I would definitely repurchase this once it's empty.

For Flash Drip Dry:

This is a good drying treatment for nails.  The only other drip dry type I've tried is Zoya's Hurry Up Drying Drops, by which I am not satisfied.  Dashing Diva's doesn't leave an oily film behind on the nails or hands but it dries by itself completely.  It makes polish dry to the touch in a few minutes and a bit longer for the deeper layers but Poshe or Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat are still much better.  The latter 2 however, are not drip dry types but painted on the nail like regular polish.  

For days when I polish earlier in the day, I can do alone with this after a clear topcoat as final coat.  For days that I paint my nails prior to going to sleep, Poshe is still my HG as polish is completely dry and safe from sheet marks in 5 mins.

I have a few more brands of nail treatments that I am waiting for and I hope they would work as good as Dashing Diva's.

Edit to add:

Iron Foundation dries matte on the nail.  This is what is looks like on top of nail polish.  I forgot what shade I was wearing in this photo, probably a Barielle shade.  If you notice, it made the shiny polish matte.

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