Monday, July 5, 2010

NOTD: Color Club High Society, Rant and Rave Ahead

This was last week's NOTD which is Color Club's High Society.  I love the color and Color Club's consistency.  This is my first time to use the brand and I will definitely order more colors.  It is Big 3 Free and applies effortlessly.

It's been 5 days now and it is still chip free with only very minimal tip wear on both my middle fingers (considering I've been doing a lot of house chores this past week).

All with basecoat, 2 coats polish, 1 coat Dashing Diva Iron Foundation, Poshe fast dry topcoat

with flash

no flash, by the window

no flash, artificial lighting

It is a medium grey shade that has a touch of violet in it.  It makes my fingers look more pink and I can see myself using this lots of times.


Just a side note.  I might be posting less because of a busy schedule.  One of our helpers left last week (major drama happened too) and she left saying she'll just be going on vacation. We learned later on she wasn't going back leaving us with no one to do the laundry and house cleaning :-(  She's been with us for more than 5 years and has been trustworthy and a good person or so it seems.  I'll just leave it at that.

Anyway, I had to learn how to use the washing machine and I am having fun washing clothes for the 3 of us (my parent's clothes will be done by our other helper).  Now our clothes look and smell so much better (hello Downy!), LOL! Babaw ba?  

Not to mention my daily cross-- teaching DD her schoolwork.  One thing I'm not is patient.  I try to be but when it comes to teaching that is my waterloo.  I easily get upset and impatient when teaching others, even my DD.  Haaay buhay! I think she needs a tutor na lang and she's just in Prep!

Last weekend was my birthday and we only went out for dinner.  I felt a bit sad coz my brother and his family couldn't join us (I was looking forward to seeing my little baby nephew) as he had a previous engagement.  Also, it took all of my will-power to NOT go into any store in the mall that I usually go into even though they were all on sale.  I'm too poor right now *sniff* it feels so depressing to not get anything for my birthday *sniff, sniff*.   I didn't know it would be this hard paying for a monthly for a car that all monthly income goes to that plus household utilities, salary for secretary and clinic rent, that not much is left over.  I even did a computation for total monthly expenses (landline/internet, cell phone- we have the lowest pkg, water, electricity,, sec., helper, car monthly) and I was shocked at the amount we pay- I could've bought a designer bag! But good thing I do not fancy them at the moment, ha ha.  (So all you f****** HMO companies and Philhealth ought to pay in time and not 3-6 months later like you always do).    

You see, even if we still live at my parent's house (much as we'd like to have a place of our own in the future), we are not dependent on them.  We pay for our share of electricity, water and house help.  We pay for landline/internet, cell phone, half the groceries ourselves.  We paid for the renovations of our and our daughter's room ourselves.  Kinda like training for when we're on our own soon.  We call ourselves boarders!
Okay, got it off my chest now.

The one thing that cheered me up though was when we watched Legally Blonde the Musical last Sunday at the Meralco Theater.  My mom had 3 tickets so she brought me and DD along.  We loved it and were laughing along with everybody.  It is directed by my classmate Chari Arespacochaga (nice seeing you classmate) and you can still catch it as it runs until July 18.  We had great seats, 2nd row from the front and center!!! Woo-hoo!  

Anyway, rant and rave over.  I don't even know if I made sense as my thoughts are all jumbled up right now.  Good luck to me.

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AskMeWhats said...

its nice to clear things off your chest no? Hay, sis..glad you watched Legally Blond the musical na and glad it made you feel better, Haven't watch musical for the LONGEST time and I was quite active on theaters way back :)