Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mini Haul & NOTD's (Again)

Thank heavens for little blessings :-).  No matter how busy I am, I still can't help not hauling even just a few tiny things.

I got this hot pink shirt a couple of weeks ago when we watched Legally Blonde the Musical.  Bend and Snap!  There was another shirt in black with pink letters but I don't wear black so pink it was.  Cute, huh?

This is for my poor cell phone.  A DQ case (they have other items like passport holders, bag tags, etc.).  Since my phone always gets accidentally turned on (and dialling other people!) in my bag it needed it's own case for protection.  This is available at Fully Booked branches.

My mini ELF haul from Makeup Mix Shop which I got in the mail this week (to shop, click the link at the right side bar of my blog). I got this end of May! It's the 4 new shades of their nail polish which, unfortunately, is not available locally.  It's Big 3 Free!

L-R: Smoky Brown, Mint Creme, Desert Haze, Lilac

This is also included in my haul: ELF Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (which they say is a UDPP dupe) and LA Colors Diamond Top Coat.

Now for my NOTD's.

China Glaze Refresh-Mint with a little nail decal on my thumb coz I accidentally nicked a spot there.  It's a better way to hide it instead of removing the polish and repainting.

I can't seem to rotate this photo as it posts sideways.  This is OPI Merry Midnight.  I love the shade of purple with red/pink glitters in it.

A little bit of review of LA Colors Diamond Top Coat.  I used it this weekend on top of my next NOTD which is ELF's Smoky Brown.

It dried fast that I didn't need a Fast Dry topcoat (I just put Dashing Diva Fast Drip Dry).  It made the polish shiny and smooth although ELF does dry fast by itself and applies a bit shiny  as you can see below (with the top coat). Polish applied with basecoat, 2 coats polish, 1 coat Diamond topcoat.

ELF Smoky Brown, no flash

However, it made the polish chip even on the first day of wear, boo!  I had high hopes for this coz it was so cheap at a little over $2 per bottle.  My mom used another shade and this same top coat and it also chipped on her within 24 hours.

I guess I'll just use this with Poshe top coat so as not to waste it or with a polish that I only plan to wear for a day or 2.

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AskMeWhats said...

The Bend and Snap shirt is too cute! hehehhe I can still remember the step! :)

Love ELF POLISHES! Yay that you own them too!