Monday, June 21, 2010

Skin Food Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek

Hi all! 

Belated Happy Father's Day to all Dad's out there.  Since school started, it's been pretty busy here what with my DD's new schedule in big school.  We all sleep earlier than usual (9pm !!!) and wake up earlier too (6 am !!!).
Anyways, here's a long overdue review.  It's Skin Food's Fresh Fruit Lip & Cheek in Pomegranate.  I have no idea how much this is locally but based on their other products it's probably 2-3x more than what it is in Korea.  I got this from a Korean pre-buy months ago for less than Php500.

The tin is actually tiny as you can see in the photo below.

The tin is full of product and good thing I got the Pomegranate one because it is so pretty.  It can be applied both on the lips and the cheeks as the name says.  It smells good too, like sweet fruit but not overwhelming nor allergy-inducing.  You can use a lipbrush or your very clean fingers to apply.

It is a teeny tiny bit sticky but not like other glosses wherein your hair would stick to your lips kind of sticky.  Since it applies a bit sheer, you can add more to deepen the color.  I prefer to use it on my lips rather than my cheeks as it is a bit light.

Here it is on my lips, no flash...

... and with flash.  I love the pink tint it gives me.  Lasting power isn't the greatest as stickier or tackier glosses do that.  It does last a good 2 hours on me before the need to re-apply.  It does not dry out my lips so I don't need a lip balm underneath it.

If this only came in a tube for more hygienic purposes then I would repurchase.  Still, the color and yummy scent is a plus.  

There are other shades available for this particular product, maybe 4 or 5 more.  I know the ladies at local forums love this as well.  Have you tried it yourself?


AskMeWhats said...

I know what you mean about the hygiene factor when it comes to lip and cheek dual purpose products! I can totally smell the scent when you said it's good!

Pammy said...

I've been meaning to try this as I see a couple of these being sold on eBay. But I'm still unsure, was waiting for a blogger whose reviews I trust to review this lippie. Thanks for the review, Nikkiz. :P

Laarni Lopez said...

i would have to check this for myself.. thanks for posting a review on this.

by the way, i have awards for you over at my blog.. you may claim it there!

notjustminerals said...

Nikki: it really does smell yummy!

Pammy: YW! I got Pomegranate from the reco of sis babyjap. I think this one is the darkest but I'm not really sure. I do love it for those "in a hurry" times that I just need a pop of color for a short while on the lips.

Laarni: Thank you!