Friday, November 5, 2010

Globe Gcash Card

I got my personalized Globe Gcash card a week ago. 

I put my family photo as the card's design.  The other side shows my ID picture.  The good thing is that I can cash out at any ATM machine in the country.

There may be a glitch though.  I tried cashing out at a BPI ATM but it wouldn't accept the transaction.  I even tried to check the balance and it still wouldn't accept the transaction.  I used another bank's ATM (PS Bank) and it worked.  Funny huh? Isn't it that Globe and BPI have the same owner? I'm afraid to try out another balance check coz they deduct P3 just for that.


Pammy said...

That's really cute. You and your dd on the card. :) How long did it take for you to receive it, Nikki? :)

lelila said...

may ganyan nga, you can try other bpi atm. ganun ginawa nung isang taga GT. namimili ng machine hehe

notjustminerals said...

Pammy, actually that's my hubby, my DD and me...cropped them to show only my mug :-)

Sol: ay ganun ba? maarteng card pala.

justltee said...

That's cute Nikki. :-)

That's a great picture of you.

khryz said...

yeah, namimili ng card yung machines.. i have had the same experience..
but then again, sayang yung amount that is being deducted per transaction

notjustminerals said...

Thanks LT!

khryz: sayang talaga coz it adds up plus the P20 they deduct when you withdraw your money.

khryz said...

true.. sayang yung PhP20 esp when it adds up.. haayy.. cards, atms and deductions :(