Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lush Lemony Flutter

Lemony do I love thee?  I searched for a long time for this baby because of so many good reviews from nail bloggers.  I've tried cuticle oils and have a tin of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream but Lush's Lemony Flutter beats them all.


This costs Php475 per tub of 50g. I was able to get one at Lush in Bonifacio High Street a couple of weeks ago (they have lots of stock there).  It is light yellow in color and feels like a very light cream.  It isn't greasy at all (unlike the Burt's Bees) and the moisturizing effect lasts (unlike cuticle oils).  The downside is the smell which is like lemon cleaner.  You'll get past it though.  Actually, it doesn't bother me and my allergies coz I like lemon scents but this is a bit stronger.

You only need very little and in order to not contaminate the whole tub, I transfer a small amount in a 10gr cosmetic jar so I can bring it along anywhere with me. It did wonders with my dry cuticles in just a few days of use.  No more ragged cuticles and much lesser ugly looking hangnails.  

Much as I would like to hoard a few tubs, I won't because I don't think I would finish the whole tub right away.  Also, this does have an expiry date because it is organically made like most Lush products.  It says that you could also use this for other body parts like knees & elbows but I haven't tried it anywhere else but my fingertips.

Anyone else love this like I do?

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Jem said...

i use this too as a part of my nail care together with vitamin e. it's more of a love & hate for me...

i like it for it really moisturizes my cuticles.. but i hate it for it's greasy. i mean unlike other products that i have tried which is really absorbed fast, this one sits in my cuticles forever. Since i only use this in the evening it's ok... but i can't use my phone after applying it.

As for the scent.. it's not really a turn off for me. at first it was but later on i've learned to like it. the verbena scent is overwhelming at first but then it's ok with me.