Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Birthday!

My little girl turned 6 y/o last Sunday.  She requested a pizza party and we had one at home.  She invited her cousins who were mostly her age and had a wonderful time.  

Since it was 10-10-10, there were so many other people celebrating that I was put on hold when I ordered our food from Shakey's.  First time I was put on hold, ha ha.  The Monster Meal Deal package from them was worth it for the price.  Even all the adults enjoyed the food.

This Hello Kitty cake you see was also her request and I had it made by my grade school classmate.  It was so good!!!

It was a 2-layer cake made of red velvet for the top layer and chocolate red velvet for the bottom layer.  The icing was fondant (mint) at the bottom and butter icing on top.  The cake itself was very heavy and moist and most important, not sweet since there were so many diabetics in the family.  The fondant is L-O-V-E! I  am addicted to it (or what is left of the cake in the fridge) since it is chewy, minty, with a bit of a salty flavor to balance with the sweetness.  Even my dad who doesn't like sweets loved it. I gained 2 lbs just from eating cake!  

To my princess, a very happy birthday again to you! We love you very much!

If you want home-made cakes, cupcakes, other baked goodies that are all made to order, I can provide you with my classmate's info.


AskMeWhats said...

Happy Birthday to your li'l princess, the kitty cake is super cute!!! Even if I'm old, I want one!

notjustminerals said...

Thanks Nikki! The best thing is it's super delicious!

donnarence said...

yumm.. it looks so good.. happy birthday to your little girl

DeBi said...

yummy! cake looks delicious. I wonder whats the contact number of your friend....:)

notjustminerals said...

debi: sent you an email.

Elsa said...

Belated happy birthday to your baby! and the cake so cute...love hello kitty

likewise, hope you could pm me her contact number, or does she have a website?


RomeyD said...

Cutest cake ever! Happy Belated Bday! I love Hello Kitty. Great Blog Nikki, I found your blog while searching for the Brian Lictenberg Nail Polish Tee that mysteriously dissapeared from the sale section on F21.

Lydia said...

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