Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a journey....

It's been a loooong time. Six months to be exact.  I am 9 days away from full term and my pregnancy had its ups and downs.  

I was put on bed rest and medication somewhere in my 2nd trimester for pre-term contractions.  I had on & off bouts with asymptomatic UTI and yeast infection (which I never had before, blame it on pregnancy hormones) for which I was put under 2 cycles of antibiotics and 2 cycles of yeast medication at different times.  Good thing my last urine test (yesterday) was negative or else there would be a high risk of my baby being left in the nursery after giving birth.

In the 8th month my OB stopped my vitamins and milk (Anmum) because my weight was going up a bit fast.  I needed to go on a diet so I wouldn't have to undergo a Caesarian Section in case my baby got too big.  Now that is such a difficult thing to do once pregnant- to go on a diet as you're hungry all the time! To think I don't eat or drink too much junk at this time.  

Add to that the stress of daily life.  My hubby's grandma passed away a few months ago and my own grandmother passing away yesterday.  Major stress with the latter as my relatives are doing nothing to help out financially.  Everything falls on my mom's shoulders as always.  And my mom has been sick with diabetes the past few years due to stress which has gone a bit worse the past weeks (she was put on insulin injections).  Hubby and I help out with household expenses but our own income is barely enough for us with so many bills to pay monthly.  I am now torn between going back to work and taking care of my baby once delivered but we don't have room for a caretaker nor can I leave baby with a family relative as I plan to breastfeed exclusively, plus there is no family member to leave my baby with.

Gaaaaahhhh!!!! The one good thing is I still don't have stretchmarks on my tummy, ha, ha! How shallow of me.  I rubbed different kinds of stuff to prevent the stretchmarks.  I've finished 2 bottles of Mothercare Stretch Mark Oil, 1 small bottle of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion, 1 huge tube of Queen Helene Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks and now am on my 1st bottle of Mothercare Stretch Mark Lotion.  Also, my pregnancy-induced acne has been under control and I'm left with the battle scars.  Too bad I haven't even visited my dermatologist in 5-6 months.     

My baby's things are complete. I bought everything myself, half of which I got online as I can't walk around too long in a mall. I wish I had benefactors (or a baby shower), but sadly, none.  At least my baby's got many clothes that she'll be clothed until her 1st birthday, ha ha.  The only thing lacking is the crib/playard!  Well, it wasn't lacking in the first place.  I had everything from my 1st pregnancy- the crib/playard, stroller, carseat and bath tub.  I lent everything to my brother last year for his baby which he would return once I have another one.  I learned a couple of weeks ago that the crib/playard had an accident with his niece which was beyond repair.  My bro said he'll be replacing it with a new one though.  Now that I'm a week away from possible delivery, and panicking that I still don't have a crib, I learned last night at my grandma's wake that they still haven't bought one! Oh no!!!!!!!  Now my stress levels are way up there! I'll probably just go and buy one myself (but we don't have the budget for that).  If only I learned about it like a week ago I could have made it to the Baby & Co. sale.

Right now I am just praying for peace of mind.  My other daughter's birthday falls on the day I get to be full term (and the possibility of them having the same birthdays!) and unbeknownst to me and hubby, she invited classmates to her "birthday party" because she is so excited of her upcoming birthday (she turns 7 y/o).  We weren't even planning on having a party as the budget is set aside for my hospital bills. OMG!  I've talked to her that she should tell her classmates that there would be no party this year but I could see the disappointment in her eyes.  What to do, what to do?

So there, end of rant.  I don't know when I'll be able to blog again. I don't even miss it, to tell you the truth.  I still do read blogs most days just to see what's going on in the world but seeing mostly beauty stuff that are the same in most blogs is a turn off.  More of a turn off are the sponsored blogs.  Makes me think of the shallowness of life and why I was sucked up into it.  There are more things in life than cosmetics, IMO.  But, to each his (or her) own. 


The Shades Of U said...

I just thought about you and if you already gave birth. I hope you'll have a safe delivery. Good thing to hear from you and it's great that you have an update about your condition. Take care and hope you are well!

Ida said...

Hi Nikki. :) I'd meant to comment earlier. It's really nice to see an update from you- I thought you'd given birth already. Gosh, I can almost feel your stress. I hope everything will be okay and that you have a safe delivery and healthy baby.

I've a new beauty blog which is a work-from-home gig, and I really need all the traffic I can get, please do visit at . Di naman siya sponsored. I know what you mean about that. :)

MereMakeupManiac said...

i thought about what happened to you sis - you're preggy pala, congrats to the new baby arriving soon! i pray for your safe delivery and the baby's health. do let us know when you're up and about - take care sis! God bless.

Unknown said...

Love your blog :)
Much love,