Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

See? Every time I say I'll stop writing or shut this down, that's when I have posts to write, ha ha! Anyway, this is long overdue.

1. Thank and link back the person that gave this award :
  Thanks to CherWriter: The Curvy Blogger who passed this on to me. Her blog is deep and thought-provoking.  Keep writing, Cherry! Pakita ka naman sa reunion *wink*.

2. Share four guilty pleasures that you have:

Guilty Pleasure #1: baked goodies!

     Be it mine (meaning I made them myself) or store-bought...I will gobble them up.  Enough said.

Guilty Pleasure #2: Malling

     Not necessarily in this place shown in the photo as it's very far from me but anywhere a mall could be found. It doesn't mean that I go there to shop because I'm not rich with lots of extra cash.  Malling is my exercise! I love walking and going to the gym is not my cup of tea so I'd rather walk and walk in an air-conditioned place with things to see.  It clears the mind and I get to see new things thru window shopping.  Also shows how good my self-control in spending is.

Guilty Pleasure #3: Spa or Massage

     I love massages! Who doesn't?  It's a rare 1 hour of relaxation that rejuvenates the body and the mind (if you fall asleep!). Going to Ace Water Spa is also included.  I love the water features of that spa.  I just don't know if I could go there now at this stage of my life.  (Too bad coz I was able to get 3 vouchers from CashCash Pinoy at 50% off per adult).

Guilty Pleasure #4: Reading

     Having young kids leaves you little time for yourself.  So finding the time to read a good book is a rare opportunity for me.  I especially like to read when everyone else is about to go to sleep leaving me alone in my book's world.

3. Pass the award to 6 other bloggers:

Just L Tee and Hoozey's Blog : being a Voxer like me, we've known each other in the virtual world for a few years now and have shared ups and downs thru the private settings of Vox (which has shut down a few months ago). It all started with our common love for mineral makeup among other things.  Just L Tee has a wicked sense of humor and Hoozey's Blog shows just what a wonder mom she could be with everything she can do.

The Golden Sampaguita: formerly of Mineral. Natural. Organic.  Same likes as me. Quirky and interesting finds from her hauls.

Digital Traincase:  Partner in crime or pusher for all things polish related and other kikay stuff.  Even my DD keeps insisting that she meet her (bec. she only saw her once while waiting for me at Digital Traincase's house).

On beauty stuff and what else's: Because I like looking at her hauls and nail art.  She's down to earth and keeps things real.  Also great local finds. 

Polish Police: a great writer and a fun person.  She has other blogs that are more personal but this is interesting especially to polish lovers out there.  It shows her crazy adventures with polish in relation to everyday life.  Pam: until our next Sparty! 

So many other blogs out there but I prefer bloggers who keep it real.  Posting stuff they really like and bought mostly with their own money.  Sponsored posts just turns me off.  Even if they say it's their own opinion, somehow there is still some form of bias there.  Also, why not just work for a PR agency if you keep posting sponsored posts right?  And when everybody else posts the same products at the same time, it really gets you thinking- in a negative way.  Sorry if I offended anyone but this is how I feel.  To each his own and this is my opinion.

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