Sunday, January 10, 2010

Etude House Haul

Last week I was able to go to the newly-opened Etude House store in Mega Mall.  This is one of Korea's premiere brands for skincare and makeup and we in Manila are so lucky that they have opened a branch here.  Next branch is in Festival Mall in the south, I believe.

The best thing is their prices!  Unlike other Korean brands (Skin Food, ehem-ehem) Etude House has kept their prices affordable for all the kikays out there.  They are in fact cheaper than resellers or those who offer pre-orders at Multiply.  Hurray!!!

Here is my tiny haul on that fateful day I went to Mega Mall (I haven't set foot there in a year):

All of the above for around Php 1000 only (around $20).

Speedy Total Mineral Base (Php578)

Nail Sticker (Php78)

Sponge Nail Polish Remover (Php98)

Nail Polish Remover Refill (Php78)

Beauty Stand (Php198)

This is a Code B Eyelash Curler- FREEBIE if you reach P1K

Also for free are those 2 plastic folders with a Korean actor on the cover (I chose this over a box of cotton).  The Beauty Stand is really so cute! I put all my eye brushes in it:

I wanted to get the Beauty Box as well but it was out of stock.  So with their much raved about Dual Fiber Brush (P400+).  I hope they'll be available soon.

There are still so many items on my wishlist but I still need to research on them because they were mostly written in Korean.  Also, their SA's weren't much help because they are poorly trained-- didn't know anything at all about the products they are selling.  Much as I loved the store, the SA's are a complete turn-off.

On my list are their Cleansing Oil in Light, a Pact - still don't know which one) and maybe other skin care items.  Their blushes have very cute packaging too but when I swatched them most were very shimmery.  A trip back is definitely needed but I don't know when because the mall is far from where I live.


♥ mia said...

that beauty stand is so cute, i want one too!

+ S T A R + said...

very sweet haul nikki =)

notjustminerals said...

Mia: it is and the Beauty Box is even cuter.

GwG: thanks!

Jem said...

i like how the beauty stand looks like anna sui.

i need to drop by at Etude ulit!

the elena nail polish is P200 per bottle. It's just a small bottle pero sulit naman because u only need 1 coat!

you top it off with a base color & after a couple of seconds, it will start cracking!

voila!instant nail art!

notjustminerals said...

thanks thiamere. very intriguing yun NP.

Anonymous said...

sigh...looks so pretty
wish we could get them in england :(

AskMeWhats said...

love your hauls and the price is ok :) For 1k you got all those? great deal!

notjustminerals said...

Nikki: yes, all for 1K. Wanna go back and haul some more!

Madt said...

whoa you've got a lot of eye brushes! The beauty stand is cute makes me want to go back and purchase it!

Anonymous said...

I'm not much into make-up Nikki, I dont know how to use it:D hehehehe plus I don't even have a lot of make-up brushes... your site makes me want make-up sooo bad :D

notjustminerals said...

Lipstickaddict: go get the stand if it's in stock na. I want the Box!