Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Summer

Summer has begun! It's sooo hot nowadays that the electric bill is surely gonna go up since the a/c would be turned on most nights.
It was my mom's birthday last Sunday and we went to the Country Club for lunch with close family friends. Good thing we got there at 12 noon just in time for the start of the Pacquiao-Marquez fight. They had Pay Per View at the Club and all the golfers (locals and foreigners alike) were watching including all the servers and chefs, ha ha. (Pacquiao won!)


Bare Naturals Primer
Dreamworld Luna foundation in Themis/Hebe mix
Aromaleigh Pure cover #5 concealer
Silk Naturals Date Bait finishing powder
Aromaleigh Coquille Powder in Nectarine
UGG Pressed Blush in Fresh Bloom
Aromaleigh Lollypop colorwash
None! -- letting my eye area heal

I had my scheduled monthly glycolic peel from the derm last Friday and she removed a few milia around my eyes and lids --- the cause is OVER moisturizing! I think I need to use only either emu oil or my regular moisturizer and not both. Plus the eye cream I put on at night which I will now omit. The emu oil itself would suffice. Now, I have a lot of half-finished jars and unused jars of face creams/eye creams :-(

Unfortunately, I used up the last drop of my emu oil sample from Lure last night and my 4 oz. bottle hasn't arrived yet. ^%#@!@ post office is taking so long. It's the Lenten Week here so offices would be closed from Thursday and resume on Monday after Easter. I hope I get it today or tomorrow (which I doubt).


I got my Lure Beauty package today!!! My emu oil is here just in time.

I only ordered the 4 oz. Emu oil with Sweet Orange EO, a sample of Two-Timing Tightener w/ DMAE and a Chocoholics Lipbalm in Cocoa Mango for my daughter yet I got all these samples seen in the photo above: sugar scrub in Cashmere Mist scent, 4 exotic body butters in Japanese Honeysuckle, Rose, Soft Jasmine and Georgia Sunrise. One of the reasons why I love ordering from Lure. I hope they have a bigger sale soon so I can stock up on the emu oil.


My brother's wedding is next week and it's gonna be busy then especially when my relatives from the US get here on Thursday. Yahoo! I'll be getting more mmu (MMBB, EDM, Valerie, and other Amazon stuff I bought) once my cousin's here.


Went to the Ilog Maria Bee Farm after lunch and the kids had a great time looking at the bees, flowers and other plants there. We girlies bought a few items like all-natural soaps, honey, all-natural mosquito repellants, and other stuff. I love their products since they're inexpensive, home-made, from honey bees and effective. I like going to their farm but I also order their products online since it is VERY far from the city.
beehives along the path
guess what this is?
Ilog Maria products
my DD and my friend's son when they discovered the plant Makahiya

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