Thursday, October 25, 2007

My MIY package and other stuff

Hurray! The sun is shining and my husband's car can now be repainted properly. It's been raining the last 2 days so the car couldn't be painted right away in my uncle's car shop. At least the dent's been fixed. Someone did a "Britney Spears" on our car in a mall parking lot 2 weeks ago. The right passenger door was dented when we got back to the car. Probably happened while another vehicle was backing up into the parking slot next to ours and it hit our car. STUPID! And he/she didn't even leave a note or whatever.

Anyway, I got my MIY ingredients from La Belle Femme Cosmetics today. It's for making finishing powder and primer powder. I got lots of recipes off the web and MMM so I plan to try making my own one of these days. If I get around to doing it, haha. If not, I'll just sell it to one of my friends who started her own mmu line called Ellana.

I got Serecite Mica, Superfine Silk powder, Allantoin powder, Boron nitrate powder, Rice Powder and Silica microspheres. I have a big 4 oz. bag of Kaolin Clay from a previous order. Why I got such a huge bag, I'll never know. Now I am re-thinking some of the items I got since my skin is turning into Combination skin from Oily skin from a change in skincare products I'm using. least I have some MIY projects to do to keep me busy some other time.

I also got my PureLuxe order from their last sale with the 25% discount. Full sized jars of eyeshadows are what I got this time! The circular thing in the middle of the picture is the Eyepod used as a mixing container for eyeshadows. I need that so I won't have to use my hand in making a mineral liner with Milan's Gelle drops. It really is hard to rinse off the gelle drops from the hand.

The shadows are:
Cashmere - Medium mocha brown with a lighter beige pearl highlight
Harmony - Gorgeous mauve/brown with a pearl finish
Golden Sands - Soft taupe brown with bronze shimmer
Chocolate Cherries - Medium brown base with reddish/pink interference
Chocolate Blueberries - Muted brown base with blue interference

I had samples of Chocolate blueberries and cherries before and I liked them both hence going full size this time. The others are for my neutral shades since I lacked those colors. I'll make swatches soon. I plan to press all these too (another reason I wanted full sizes).

Have a nice day everyone!

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