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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Baby!

I gave birth last Saturday, Oct. 22, to my second baby girl.  It was a very fast delivery (and I mean fast!) as I got to the hospital fully dilated.  I didn't even know I was going to give birth until my water bag broke in the middle of the night and good thing I even made it to the hospital.  I never felt any contractions so I didn't even have anesthesia! I gave birth normally.

I got the baby out in less than an hour with a bit of drama in the delivery room.  There were some complications which I won't narrate here but the important thing is my baby and I went home last Monday together.  Actually, I was allowed to go home a day after delivery but I opted to wait for my baby.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What a journey....

It's been a loooong time. Six months to be exact.  I am 9 days away from full term and my pregnancy had its ups and downs.  

I was put on bed rest and medication somewhere in my 2nd trimester for pre-term contractions.  I had on & off bouts with asymptomatic UTI and yeast infection (which I never had before, blame it on pregnancy hormones) for which I was put under 2 cycles of antibiotics and 2 cycles of yeast medication at different times.  Good thing my last urine test (yesterday) was negative or else there would be a high risk of my baby being left in the nursery after giving birth.

In the 8th month my OB stopped my vitamins and milk (Anmum) because my weight was going up a bit fast.  I needed to go on a diet so I wouldn't have to undergo a Caesarian Section in case my baby got too big.  Now that is such a difficult thing to do once pregnant- to go on a diet as you're hungry all the time! To think I don't eat or drink too much junk at this time.  

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Skin Care Products I'm Using Now

Summer vacation started 2 weeks ago for me (or rather my DD but that includes me!) so I'm left with much more free time than I can handle.  Yeah, I'm bored.  I prefer the days with school because I can walk outside with a purpose, he he.

Anyway, I know I'm purposely neglecting this blog and much everything else but you would too if you are nauseated the whole day, everyday! That's what's going on with me now - all day nausea.  I am wishing for my 1st trimester to end in a few more weeks so the nausea would end too.  Compared with my first pregnancy wherein I was vomiting the whole day (yes, morning, noon and night for 3 months!!!) but felt so much better after each bout, this nauseated feeling is worse.  It really is different for every pregnant woman and every pregnancy.  

So far my skin is still looking like s**t but at least my skin texture is better.  I've rediscovered my Emu Oil when I ran out of my night cream a week ago (Avalon Organics Rejuvenating Vitamin C Oil-Free Moisturizer).  This is working for me at the moment because it keeps my face oil-free the next day.

Remember that those wanting to get pregnant or are pregnant should avoid use of skin care products with Retinoids (Accutane- the oral form, Vit. A derivatives in creams, lotions like Retin-A, Differin, Retinoic Acid) as they are proven teratogens especially the oral form of the drug.  Meaning, these cause birth defects in fetuses.  Also Beta Hydroxy Acids like Salicylic Acid should be avoided as they can also cause birth defects and pregnancy complications.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

See? Every time I say I'll stop writing or shut this down, that's when I have posts to write, ha ha! Anyway, this is long overdue.

1. Thank and link back the person that gave this award :
  Thanks to CherWriter: The Curvy Blogger who passed this on to me. Her blog is deep and thought-provoking.  Keep writing, Cherry! Pakita ka naman sa reunion *wink*.

2. Share four guilty pleasures that you have:

Guilty Pleasure #1: baked goodies!

     Be it mine (meaning I made them myself) or store-bought...I will gobble them up.  Enough said.

Monday, March 7, 2011

On the Homefront

As you may have noticed, there's a new widget on my blog.  

Yes, I'm expecting baby #2! Weeee! I am very excited and so is everyone in my family.  That's one of the reasons I haven't done much in the form of product reviews and stuff bec. I have been preparing myself since middle of last year for the possibility.  

I've thought of shutting down my blog before but thought twice. I'll just leave it here for now.  I do read other blogs daily to keep up with what's going on in the beauty and fashion world although I don't go out and buy.  I haven't really bought any beauty product since maybe middle of 2010 (just a NYX concealer in Beige and maybe a few polishes).  Just concentrating on skincare with my dermatologist and basic things.  I've been breaking out in a major way due to hormones and it doesn't look pretty.  Concealer (Monave foundation-concealer to be more specific) has been a daily friend to me.  I've also been wearing my mineral foundation every single day since last quarter of 2010 to hide/conceal all the blemishes.  

I've never broken out in severe cystic acne ever.  Even when I used Accutane more than 10 years ago, what is happening now is worse and it's all a rebound from stopping my OCP use to be able to conceive.  Even my derma is trying her very best to control it but we couldn't apply the best acne meds. because they're contraindicated for possible pregnancy and pregnant women.  So I'll just grin and bear it for the next 8 months or so.  All in the name of sacrifice even if I look horrible.

Maybe I'll just be posting some overdue product reviews from products I bought a long time ago.  I said maybe, if I'm in the mood.  Or I'll try to post the new stuff I'm using which are apt for pregnant women plus a few clothing necessities used in this period.  Whatever.  We'll see. 

My Notjustminerals / beauty blog will probably turn out to be a "day in the life of a pregnant woman" ha ha!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Wedding!

I attended my cousin's wedding last weekend in Tagaytay.  The church was San Antonio de Padua which was quaint yet picturesque and breezy inside.  Since my uncle (the bride's father) is one of our country's Master Portraitists in photography and my cousin as well is a photographer (she also teaches and is a writer for I-Mag Photography Magazine), at least a third of the guests were photographers both pros and amateurs.  The youngest as young as 8 or 9 y/o even!   

Yes, I definitely felt insecure in whipping out my trusty ole' cellphone camera to take these photos in the midst of DSLR's with zoom lenses, ha ha!

My DD the wedding angel.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Woes

Totally not beauty or fashion related post. Just need to get this off my chest.

This isn't about my immediate family but more on my extended family.  I love my family.  We're a big one on my mother's side and are scattered all over the globe.  Recently my Australian relatives came to visit and I met them for the first time and we (my Mom) more or less became their host here. Doesn't it feel so good to take the time and visit and attend a special occasion with cousins, aunts/uncles?  

I feel bad that my uncle's family wouldn't be attending my cousin's wedding this weekend.  There were only a few close relatives invited and so are expected to attend.  It would be out of town but we are all excited to go and bond with one another.  But not them.  Reason is that it's too far, they're busy, etc.  My mom even offered them a ride on the way there.  That uncle is my mom's brother.

What ticks me off, and I'm guessing I'm the only one bothered by it, is that the invites were given months ago so everyone would be prepared.  And my " sama ng loob" didn't start here.  They have an only daughter a few years my junior and it's too bad that they live far away but within the same city as ours so they couldn't be easily accessible as my other cousins/ relatives.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shoe Shopping

I had a difficult time looking for a pair of shoes yesterday.  I was only able to go to Shangrila Mall yesterday because hubby had an interview there so DD and I tagged along.  I tried looking for a pair of either purple, yellow even red shoes but they were either sky high stilettos, too expensive (meaning not on sale- I'm a cheapskate, ha ha) or were too ugly looking. 
I settled for this pair seen in the photo below:

I got it on sale at Payless for only P699!  It's a bronze, bejeweled, 3-inch mid-wedge heel sandal from Fioni.  Good thing it feels very comfortable on the feet.  At least I can still use this with other kinds of clothes. And I do prefer wedges because I am not used to wearing heels.

I still wanted those purple ones I saw, like this:

It does seem a bit too high for me and looks uncomfortable.  Maybe when they put it on sale.