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Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Baby!

I gave birth last Saturday, Oct. 22, to my second baby girl.  It was a very fast delivery (and I mean fast!) as I got to the hospital fully dilated.  I didn't even know I was going to give birth until my water bag broke in the middle of the night and good thing I even made it to the hospital.  I never felt any contractions so I didn't even have anesthesia! I gave birth normally.

I got the baby out in less than an hour with a bit of drama in the delivery room.  There were some complications which I won't narrate here but the important thing is my baby and I went home last Monday together.  Actually, I was allowed to go home a day after delivery but I opted to wait for my baby.

Now, here I am, in a zombie-like state.  Trying to breastfeed but with difficulty ( I still don't have milk!) and trying to stay awake.

On to the next part of my journey with my baby and family. 


MereMakeupManiac said...

congratulations sa new baby girl! am sure excited din ang ate hihi.

"I never felt any contractions so I didn't even have anesthesia!"

wow that is so good! la na masyado pain, menos gastos pa. ;)

aww, good thing ok na kayo ni baby!

hmn, having trouble with milk... take malunggay capsules sis, pramis effective! sakin parang naging bukal after i took those hehe. and eat halaan (clam) too. eat more sis, nakakapagod magpa breastfeed.

Jillsabs said...


Glad to hear you and your new baby are doing well :)

DeBi said...


Joanna Peck said...


Melinda said...


Jessica Viray said...

Congratulations on having a safe delivery and baby girl (I'm sure she's lovely)

I'm following you now. :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the baby!

Flogistix said...

congratulations. . but that was good to hear you haven't been in the delivery room too long..
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